This project originated from last year when I started to experiment with Flask and Frozen-Flask to build a site generator. It was pretty cool how much you could do with a relative small codebase. (After all, Flask started as a joke[2]). I ended up building using those libraries.

Another opportunity came two weeks ago when someone hacked my Wordpress blog and I decided to build a replacement[1]. Using the static file approach was the obvious choice, since its pretty hard to hack... Once again hello Flask.

Sure, I looked at the alternatives, Octopress, Jekyll, Pelican, Hyde (there are plenty out there), but they where heavy in features, I wanted something lighter and I like to code.

So I built AtomicPress, a lightweight, for developers, static generator built to handle Wordpress exports well. I even based the db structure after Wordpress to make users porting from Wordpress more at home, and made sure building themes and extensions would be simple. This system also ships with the ability to deploy sites to both S3 and FTP.

I will continue to make improvements where I see fit, with a rss feed as the next feature on the list.

Sounds interesting? Take a look: AtomicPress on Github. You can find a example implementation under /examples in the repro and installing is done through pip install atomicpress.


  1. My fault, since it's hosted on a shared hosting account I started ten years ago.

  2. Reference:

(tl;dr: I build a flask based blog generator who handles Wordpress well. Take a look).