This is my first year in review post, it has been a crazy year so it is much needed.


Lets start with work. In the end of 2012 I started working as a developer at Fröjd and a few months after I left the startup I co-founded in 2012 (things just didn't meet my expectations).


I started my career as a Flash Developer and made my living on it for ten years, but projects started to shift in 2011 and 2013 was the first year where I didn't touch Flash at all (honestly I didn't touch Flash much in 2012 either).

After spending a few hackdays at work with Xcode I took the time and sat down, evenings and weekends, and really got into objective-c. Being an old Flash dev really helped to speed things up and it's easy to build custom components (I'm looking at you Android). Not my favorite platform but you can do amazing things.

Picked up Android in late 2012 and continued to spend time with java and Android. The platform has matured a lot in the past year, compared to when I got started, trying to see if it was even possible to build a good looking app.

Used Flask on a few projects, really liked it. Didn't spend as much time with Django compared to 2012. Still love it though. Amazing community.

Got into require.js and amd loading. Played around with mustache. Got to do some heavier mvc stuff with Backbone.

Spent a lot of time with PHP at work. Tools are maturing, like composer and hhvm. WP-Cli for Wordpress is also nice.


After ending my previous startup endeavour I co-founded MadeInStockholm, a lean startup that I work with on my spare time, right now we manage three products:

Shipped originally in September 2012 for Android and has gotten so many updates since then, we also launched a iPhone app in the summer and a gamification system. It's just the beginning.

A side project that has spun out from VinylWall needing better searchable data, it's a music data api built in Flask based on Solr. More stuff will happen here.

Russian Dance
Brought back Russian Dance from the dead and gave it a well deserved App Engine platform update and tons of js fixes.

Open source

Started to spend more time contributing to the os community, but so far only to my own repositories.

Jetty+Solr Fabric Boilerplate Built a fabric boilerplate that lets you install and configure Solr+Jetty on a Ubuntu box.
Used as an example on how flask freeze works

My dotfiles
Since I have two workstations now, I started to unify my settings and gather them in a repro.

Also took the chance to open source some of my old Birth frameworks.

A very lightweight component framework.

View Machine
A RobotsLegs add on, inspired by Djangos route management.


And finally, these are my goals for 2014.

  1. Mobile. Play more with ios and android.
  2. JS: Play around with angular, tdd and browserify.
  3. More Django.
  4. Learn more git. There are so many inner workings I would like to get to know.
  5. VIM. So much to learn.
  6. Open source: contribute more.
  7. Play more with Linux and my raspberry pi.
  8. Attend more meetups.
  9. Convert this blog to Pelican...
  10. Ship ship ship!

Thats it for now! Follow me on @marteinn_se